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Bibs with Dignity
Bibs with Dignity was established in 1998 featuring adult attractive fabric clothing protection in assorted colors, sizes and styles.

Bibs for Messy Adults
Disposal printed plastic bibs (crabs, lobster, ribs, spaghetti & plain bibs)

Alzheimer’s Aprons & Activity Lap Pillows 

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*Motor & Speech Coordination *Special Needs *Occupational Therapy *Speech Therapy * Gift Shops

My Activity Aprons were first designed in 2007 and they were very well received  In 2008, after many requests from my customers for a similar product, Lap Pillows were designed and became another winner. I specialize with customer’s personal concerns and offer wholesale orders. Each order has Audrey Lightner’s personal attention and I will try my best to have you as another happy and satisfied customer. Audrey Lightner

Aprons and pillows are interchangeable:

  • Hospice
  • Motor & Speech Coordination
  • Palliative (physical and psychological settings)
  • Long Term Needs
  • Family Giving
  • Special Needs
  • Handicap Adults & Children

A person who has Alzheimer’s, or a related disease, will find comfort and personal pleasure while wearing their activity apron or enjoying a lap pillow. For their personal enjoyment, both items have simple daily activity skills. Easy repetitive tasks keeps a person engaged and helps build remaining skills. There are hidden activities in the pockets to occupy their hands while rewarding memory recall and eliminates idle time. With their personal endorsements, caregivers, long term facilities, hospices, therapist and people with special needs have written their testimonies in “Current Testimonies from Happy Customers”.

We come highly recommended by the following:
*Stitch Factory  *Corin's Kids  *Champaign Plastics  *Dun & Bradstreet listed with a credit rating of: Excellent

Audrey Lightner
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Email Audrey: apronsandpillows@aol.com

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Fun Websites Audrey Lightner Owns:

Sunglass Pins
Sunglass Pins was established in 1995 featuring small fun and colorful pin-on sunglasses, five colors, pin on shirts, hats, and accessories, etc.

Collars 4 shirts
Specializing in custom knitted collars for tee shirts, sweatshirts, etc.  Knitted in the USA!